Biennale Arte 2022 / Born To Love

Ramina Saadatkhan
Energy of Chaos

In this artist's world, two beginnings have already manifested themselves, which should lead to the birth of a multidimensional human universe. These two beginnings, from the interaction of which comes all the egregious diversity of our cosmos, are called differently by different world traditions - good-evil, yin-yang, feminine-masculine. Most often in today's world, one speaks of the latter interactive nexus, the masculine and the feminine. But Ramina Saadatkhan's art, despite its dynamic though unobtrusive eroticism, is above these socio-cultural "gender" issues. The artist creates Energy of Chaos, controlled chaos in the blazing cauldron of which one image melts into another... not to talk about feminine or masculine in their trivial sense. For the author of these paintings, the main thing is the discovery and manifestation of the superhuman, archetypal energies in their mutual penetration and mutually extinguishing...