Biennale Arte 2022 / Born To Love

All is sacred

The ethereal and mind-blowing graphics of the All is sacred installation by Infinity are based on the sacred geometric patterns that exist all around us – they are the perfect shapes and patterns forming the basic layout for life in the universe. By using these sacred geometry patterns and the harmonic sounds of the Universe, this installation allows us to be seen as a person that’s partitioned from others.

Infinity’s art in spite of being profoundly individual belongs to everyone, reflecting our poetic sensibility and effortless grace.

Infinity clarifies, “My artwork is driven by a need to be one with the essence of nature and the world in which we live. Being a seeker of wisdom and truth, all humans are extremely motivated to understand mankind’s place in the universe and the meaning of our existence.” All is sacred immerses us into the ocean, where the pearls of perception and intelligence can be our own to hold and reclaim.