Biennale Arte 2022 / Born To Love

Fidan Kim (Novruzova)

Fidan Kim (Novruzova) in her Totem project reflects the evolution of mankind, the relationship of man with animals, and the basic principle of life, which is and that is survival of the fittest. Man's struggle with himself as well as with the environment. And that at the moment protecting the environment, animals in particular, is a top priority for all of us. Environmental protection is an important issue because the environment is on its way to degradation.

The struggle for existence is a struggle 'for' something; it is purposeful and only in so being is it meaningful and able to bring meaning into life. The environment refers to everything that surrounds us. The trees, plants, forests, rivers, and all are our natural environment. Unfortunately, this natural environment of ours is under threat due to human activities. Humans are damaging the environment on a daily basis, pressing the need for its protection.