Biennale Arte 2022 / Born To Love

Fidan Akhundova

The sculpture tells the story of one step. To leave a stuffy room and make her own, conscious choice. What awaits the woman who takes this step, the leap into the unknown? The road ahead is full of doubts and difficulties but it is a more conscious and free one. Patriarchal, traditional society deprives women of choice in the womb. Selective abortion deprives a woman of her right to life. And if she happens to be born, from an early age her perception of the world is strictly controlled by her father, brother, family, and society. Toxic attitudes inherited from the family turn her into a dependent, non-self-acting person. Visitors are given the opportunity to feel the state before stepping into the unknown, new and free, and to experience the dynamics of the sculpture, which symbolises thousands and thousands of women's destinies.