Biennale Arte 2022 / Born To Love

Agdes Baghirzade
The Other Side of Me

The Other Side of Me is a subjective illustration of the world as Agdes Baghirzade sees it, taking vignettes of everyday life, ranging from architectural details to phantasmagorical reflections, Sufi dervishes, and abstract patterns from nature. She takes great delight in chance happenings or images.

Fidan Akhundova

The sculpture tells the story of one step. To leave a stuffy room and make her own, conscious choice. What awaits the woman who takes this step, the leap into the unknown? The road ahead is full of doubts and difficulties but it is a more conscious and free one. Patriarchal, traditional society deprives women of choice in the womb.

Fidan Kim (Novruzova)

Fidan Kim (Novruzova) in her Totem project reflects the evolution of mankind, the relationship of man with animals, and the basic principle of life, which is and that is survival of the fittest. Man's struggle with himself as well as with the environment.

All is sacred

The ethereal and mind-blowing graphics of the All is sacred installation by Infinity are based on the sacred geometric patterns that exist all around us – they are the perfect shapes and patterns forming the basic layout for life in the universe.

Ramina Saadatkhan
Energy of Chaos

In this artist's world, two beginnings have already manifested themselves, which should lead to the birth of a multidimensional human universe. These two beginnings, from the interaction of which comes all the egregious diversity of our cosmos, are called differently by different world traditions - good-evil, yin-yang, feminine-masculine.

Sabiha Khankishiyeva

Azerbaijan is considered one of the main centers of carpet weaving in the world. As an example of ancient art, Azerbaijani carpets were famous all over the world. Now, these carpets are considered to be the most valuable exhibits in world museums. Varni and Ajdahali (dragon) carpets are such well-known carpets.

Born to Love

In the Born to Love installation of Zhuk, the water element is used as the environment that is the basis of the birth of mankind, starting with the womb of the mother. The project's primary purpose is to connect the constant interaction between man and our planet, which both gives us this life and nourishes it.